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Our club provides competitive and social netball opportunities for all participants who want to play, umpire or coach, and welcome girls from age 11 and levels of experience and ability.

Our club values friendship, community spirit, teamwork and respect to all members – from our volunteers to our umpires and parents.

Our Club

Our History

The Scarborough Women’s Basketball Club was formed in 1952 by three sets of parents - the Moncks, Limbs and the Dixons, who were trying to keep their daughters involved in sport after leaving school.


The club trained at Doubleview Primary School and played at various venues around the inner Perth metropolitan area.  In 1961 the Matthews Netball Centre in Floreat Park was opened and all teams had a central playing arena.


In the early 1970's the name of the game in Australia was changed to Netball to bring it into line with other Commonwealth countries, thus altering our name to Scarborough Netball Club.


In 1993, Scarborough Netball Club joined the Scarborough Sportsmen’s Club and relocated to train at the tennis courts on Deanmore Road, where the club remained until 2001 before returning to Doubleview Primary School.


With the proposed rebuilding of the Doubleview Primary School in 2018, the SNC relocated to train at the Mathews Netball Centre.


Over the years, our club's membership has seen incredible growth. In 2018, we had 24 teams, comprising 10 Senior, 9 Year 9/12, and 5 Year 7/8 teams. By 2021, our presence at the Perth Netball Association grew to 10 Senior and 12 Junior teams.


Now, in 2024, we are thrilled to announce that Scarborough Netball Club boasts the highest number of teams ever in the competition. We proudly present 11 Senior teams, 8 Junior teams in the Year 9/12 category, and 6 teams in the Year 7/8 league.


Over the years many notable players have passed through our ranks, some have made state selection (Rose Farley, Judy Pockrass, Kaye Starkey, Cathy Devon, Sarah Moore, Lyn Eakins, Fran Brewer, Janette Browne, Dianne Lavater as players and Tess Hill and Shirley Badge as coaches), others State League selection (Beth Oldfield, Anita Putt nee Browne as players, Marg Logan, Laura Van Grootel nee Fagan and Cherie Crimp nee Koosache as coaches).


Life Membership was awarded to the founding members Frederick Monck, Olga Dixon and Margaret Limb.  Life Membership is awarded to those who have given outstanding service to the club. (See Life Members for a complete listing of all SNC Life Members)


The SNC Uniform has changed over the years from dresses to Skirt and top and then back to dresses, but still maintaining the traditional SNC Black, Green and Gold

Alyson Stephens

Alyson Stephens


Rachel Anderson

Rachel Anderson

Vice President

Julie Hancock

Julie Hancock


Sally Wood

Sally Wood


Our Committee

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